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There is a lot of discussion regarding the fair payment of writers and performers of music that is being streamed - whether for a very small price per stream or for free. At Dynamic, where we have many, many recordings available on CD Baby, iTunes and Amazon, we feel that our income and our Artists' incomes have been adversely affected by the policies in place right now. A look at our earnings demonstrates that through the first quarter of 2016, our revenues are only at 67% of the same quarter last year. 2015 was down slightly from 2014, and I'm guessing that if we had not added additional titles during 2015, the difference may have been more significant. If this trend continues through 2017, being down 33% in income is not good. And we're only one company - if other musicians, record companies, independent performers, etc., are seeing the same trend, it's a serious loss in income to people who are not being compensated properly for streamed music. We believe we should all unite with the others who have taken a stand to gain reasonable payment for artistic endeavors. Spotify payment to Dynamic Recording: Streams last 90 days 03/01/17 Spotify – Streams – 18,115 iTunes – TK downloads – 683 Apple Music – Streams – 15,490 Pennies from Spotify and apple: Feb 10, 2017 Spotify Sale $0.87 details Feb 10, 2017 Spotify Sale $0.49 details Feb 10, 2017 Spotify Sale $0.51 details Radio stations pay us 8.5 cents per play. CDBaby, iTunes, and Amazon all pay fairly. Music buyers love the free music and do not purchase or download selections. Many top Artists have pulled their music from streaming services because their sales and downloads have dried up. If we can't get the streaming companies to pay a fair share, the music industry, especially for independent musicians, will be destroyed ! Sincerely, Dave and Jackie Kaspersin Dynamic Recording Indie Label