Streams Versus Jukeboxes ?

I went to a Bar in Geneva, NY on 12/22/2018 to listen to an Artist play. When he was finished playing I asked the owner if we could play the jukebox. He said of course, but we have Spotify and you can listen to anything for FREE !!! This opened my eyes even more as to how Spotify is killing The Music Industry ! And the Bars do not have to pay ASCAP or BMI for Streaming ! Jukebox owners do pay. So, I emailed this to the Bar's owner: Dear XXX, Spotify only pays the Artists played on their streams Six Cents per 100 streams. $0.0006 per stream is robbery. Touchtunes and AMI Jukebox Companies pay the Artists 1 and 1/2 cents per play. And, when people play your Jukebox, you and the Owner of the box split the Money spent in the Box. So using Spotify in your bar is like Shooting yourself and the Jukebox owner In The Foot ! Sincerely, Dave Kaspersin President Dynamic Recording Indie Label

12/23/2018 One of my favorate places to go just Added Pandora ! I asked the owner WHY ? She said her customers prefer the music on Pandora and it is FREE !!! I played her Touchtunes Jukebox. May not be my place to go any more - - -